Blayne Fox was always the weird kid, growing up building mud castles and trying to catch any wildlife that crossed her path. Her imagination lead her on many mischievous adventures that were fueled by creative stories of distant worlds and secret kingdoms. Growing up in St. Louis, Missouri, she would write and draw picture books constantly, filling up usually a sketchbook per month of all of the character she'd meet along the way.

While predominantly self-taught, she studied at Memphis College of Art for two years. It was there that she landed her first freelance contact which provided the opportunity to work on exciting jobs such as the Emmy nominated kids show “Weird But True” for National Geographic Kids. From then on she freelanced and developed her style through clients such as Discovery Channel, Yale University, Scholastic, Benchmark and PBS.

Within the first few years of freelancing, Blayne transferred from being a media-based illustrator to finding a love for picture books which pulled at her storytelling heartstrings. She continues to develop a unique and vivid style, full of emotion and vibrant whimsy as she works to publish her own trade picture books. Currently, Blayne is being represented by Deborah Wolfe LTD Illustration agency and her books are open for freelance projects at the current time.

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