Blayne Fox grew up camping, fishing, rock climbing, and bug collecting in the midwest woodlands of Missouri. Her fascination for the wild world induced an imagination of magical kingdoms and creatures, always coming up with new stories to accompany her adventures. Predominantly self-taught, Blayne knew from a very young age what she wanted to be, and has never stopped pursuing her dream of being just that: an illustrator. After attending a couple of years of art college, she left to pursue her industry and gained the opportunity to shine with clients such as Discovery Channel, National Geographic Kids, and Yale University. Now represented by Deborah Wolfe LTD, she has found what really allows her to flourish: children’s books. Since becoming a children’s book illustrator, she has worked for clients such as Scholastic publishing, Brown Books Publishing, Double Ink Publishing, and Benchmark Publishing.  She’s worked with multiple self-published authors including her first book “Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub” by Emile Millar for which the book later won a silver IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award. Specializing in animals, dramatic lighting, fantastical color palettes, and diverse character representation, she aims to enrich the manuscripts she illustrates with her unique eye and passion for bringing wonder and storytelling to every book she helps create.

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