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This is the true story of Chi Chi, an abandoned and severely injured golden retriever who was rescued, treated, and then adopted by her loving forever family.

Chi Chi the Rescue Dog: Never Give Up

Never Give Up is based on the true story of Chi Chi, a Golden Retriever who is left abandoned and broken on the side of the road. She is rescued and brought to an animal hospital where the doctor must amputate Chi Chi's legs. When she is adopted, Chi Chi's family realize that the bandages on her legs fall off easily. They decide to get her prosthetic legs, or "shoes," so she can run and play like other dogs. Chi Chi's hard work and joyful spirit give her the power to get stronger. When she gets her new shoes, Chi Chi perseveres and inspires strength in others to face life with a smile.

Written by Elizabeth Howell. Published by Brown Books Publishing Group

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Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub

This adventure story features a young child cub’s anthemic journey of friendship, belief in yourself, and triumph, and each chapter comes with its own rock ‘n’ roll song.

2021 NYC Big Book Award winner, this fast-paced coming-of-age story is full of fun and surprises. Explore themes of adventure, problem-solving, peace, and friendship. Follow the journey of the Child Cub as he grows and finds his place among the Tribe and discover Kindred Bear’s courageous spirit as she brings hope to their village.

Written by Emile Millar, Digital Album orchestrated by Dan Eagle, Designed by Terri Wright and self-published through Kickstarter.

The Merry Christmas Mittens

When a pair of mittens accidentally get left behind, they get taken on an unexpected Christmas journey.

2021 Kids' Book Choice Award Winner for best duo. On Christmas Eve morning, Holly heads out for some skating at the pond. While she laces up her skates, Jack Frost's wind blows her mittens from the ground into the air, and they travel all around the town. Meet every jolly creature and see each Christmas tradition Holly's mittens experience in The Merry Christmas Mittens!

Written by Sarah Janco. Published by Brown Books Publishing Group.


Book #1 in the Loodor Tales Series. Named "Must-Read" by InStyle Magazine Named Best Children's Books of 2021, Middle Grade by Red Tricycle.

Loodor Tales (#1) Land of the Pines

Filled with unpredictable twists and turns, The Land of the Pines is a must-read story of friendship and fortitude, connecting audiences of all ages to the power of intention and the journey of discovering one's identity. The first in the Loodor Tales Series, this fantasy tale addresses complex topics including ego and mind chatter to combat social pressures and reinforce kindness.

A portion of sales from The Land of the Pines benefits the Medical Fund at Operation Kindness, celebrating 45 years of saving homeless pets.

Written by Summer Nilsson. Published by Loodor Publishing

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