What's On My Book Shelf?

Eagle vs Bear:
Adventures of a Child Cub
Written by Emile Millar
The Merry Christmas Mittens
Written by Sarah Janco
No Crying Allowed
Written by Tasha El-Amin
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Chi Chi The Rescue Dog:
Never Give Up
Written by Elizabeth Howell
Loodor Tales:
The Land of the Pines
Written by Summer Nelsson

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The Merry Christmas
Written by Sarah Janco & Illustrated by Blayne Fox

"These illustrations are out of this world, and so inclusive. We love this new Christmas book for our collection!"  - Amazon Review

Holly wakes up on the morning of Christmas Eve, excited for what her day will bring! While she laces up her skates by the pond, mischievous Jack Frost blows a wintry wind that sweeps Holly's red, green, and white mittens away from her, and across the town. Holly's mittens see a great deal through the day--from sledding, to caroling, to decorating gingerbread houses, to Santa himself, the Christmas mittens get a glimpse of how people and families all across the town celebrate Christmas and spread cheer to those they meet. See everything Holly's mittens see and learn something about the true meaning of Christmas in The Merry Christmas Mittens! Best for ages 4-7.


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Eagle vs Bear:
Written by Emile Millar & Illustrated by Blayne Fox

"The artwork is rich in natural colors that lure the reader deep into the storytelling. The lush scenery and detailed pictures give motion to the animals and landscape, right down to their fur and feathers and the trees’ pine needles. A map included in the end pages offers readers an overview and deeper understanding of this well-built world." - The Children’s Book Review

Eagle vs Bear is a children's fantasy adventure book that comes with music downloads from Read.Sleep.Rock.Repeat! Join Child Cub's journey of friendship and glory in a magical forest kingdom with this fast-paced, 132-page, chapter book for kids that features 5 rock 'n' roll songs - one for each chapter! For thousands of moons Eagle & Bear have coexisted in a magical Forest Kingdom, but not in perfect harmony. As Eagle Spies patrol the skies above, The Bear live in shadows of servitude relying on a Prophecy of a One True Bear who will one day bring peace to the Forest Kingdom. But is it true? Will freedom prevail? Follow the journey of Child Cub as he grows and finds his place among the Tribe. And discover Kindred Bear's courageous spirit as she brings hope to their village.Find out what mysteries await them in this fast-paced, coming-of-age story that is full of fun and surprises and explores themes of adventure, problem-solving, peace, and friendship. Family fun for all ages, and particularly well-suited for readers ages 8-12