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Blayne Fox is an award-winning children's book illustrator who specializes in creating captivating picture books for young readers aged 5-8, and middle-grade graphic novels. With over a decade of digital painting experience, she brings stories to life through her expressive and diverse array of characters, using her self-taught knowledge to create stunning illustrations using software such as Photoshop and Procreate. Blayne's art style is cinematic and vivid, with dynamic compositions featuring semi-realistic characters that embody diverse voices and backgrounds. Her animal characters are particularly memorable, with whimsical and expressive body language that comes from her years of studying animal anatomy while volunteering in animal rescue. When not drawing animals, Blayne's focus is on incorporating strong leading BIPOC and LGBTQ+ characters, which is of personal importance to her as a queer illustrator from Missouri. Blayne has worked with major publications such as Scholastic, Brown Books Publishing Group, National Geographic Kids, Discovery Channel, Yale University, as well as smaller-scale projects directly with authors and numerous educational publishers. She has a keen understanding of the picture book production process, which only inspires her to create books that leave readers in awe after every ending. Blayne is currently working as the sole comic artist on an unannounced project for Astronewt Studio LLC, but her next goal is to find a literary agent who can help her achieve her lifelong dream of publishing her illustrated stories. As a picture book illustrator, she understands the importance of storytelling and creating memorable characters that young readers of every background can relate to and connect with.


2024 Phyllis Lamphere Gallery SCBWI Illustration Showcase - THE MERRY CHRISTMAS MITTENS

2022 Kids' Book Choice Awards Finalist "Favorite Illustrated Character" - CHI CHI THE RESCUE DOG

2021 Kids' Book Choice Awards Winner "Best Picture Book Duo" - THE MERRY CHRISTMAS MITTENS

2021 New York City Big Book Award Winner "Children's Fiction" - EAGLE VS BEAR

2021 SCBWI Illustrator of the Month for Kansas City/MO

2020 IBPA Benjamin Franklin Award Silver Finalist "Interior Design" - EAGLE VS BEAR

2020 Bill Fisher Award Winner - EAGLE VS BEAR

2020 Eric Hoffer Awards Short List Grand Prize Finalist - EAGLE VS BEAR

2020 Eric Hoffer Awards Short List Grand Prize Finalist - EAGLE VS BEAR

2020 Eric Hoffer Awards, Da Vinci Eye Finalist "Design" - EAGLE VS BEAR

2020 Eric Hoffer Awards, First Horizon Award Finalist - EAGLE VS BEAR

"I have had the privilege to work with Blayne Fox on several book illustrations and she is a very talented artist.  She understands the dedication it takes to make a beautiful book.  Her impeccable attention to detail is evident when the illustrations are even better than the author could imagine.  When given artistic freedom, Blayne can make any book spectacular.

The author writes the story, but the artist makes the book come to life.  This is Blayne in a nutshell."

Samantha Williams

Art Director

"The artwork is rich in natural colors that lure the reader deep into the storytelling. The lush scenery and detailed pictures give motion to the animals and landscape, right down to their fur and feathers and the trees’ pine needles."

The Children's Book Review

Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub

"Fox’s images convey mood well through rich, saturated colors, dramatic contrasts of light and shadow, dynamic composition, and expressive animal faces."

Kirkus Indie

Eagle vs Bear: Adventures of a Child Cub


  • Animals esp. Cats

  • Espresso

  • Spicy Fantasy Books

  • Fishing & Hiking

  • Walking our Cats

  • Cheese and Carbs

  • Illustrative Tattoos

  • LGBTQ+ Positivity

  • Body Positivity

  • Grandma Clothes


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  • Heikala

  • Charles Santoso

  • Eric & Terry Fan

  • Joe Todd-Stanton

  • Devin Elle Kurtz

  • Max Grecke

  • Juanjo Guarnido

  • Aaron Blaise

  • Adam Rex


  • Discovery Channel

  • NatGeo Kids

  • Scholastic Education

  • Aptara Learning

  • Brown Books Publishing

  • Yale University

  • Benchmark Publishing

  • Minnesota University Magazine


  • Children's Books

  • Semi-Realism

  • Animal POV

  • Kidlit Comics

  • Graphic Novels

  • Stylization

  • Diverse Inclusion

  • Organic Environments

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